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Jenni from Crap Store verbalizes mean Finnish frustration well. The noble idea of “shitty feeling” is spreading on social media like wildfire. What the f*** is happening?

The typical story: a creative designer makes graphic art for a customer. The customer becomes demanding. The graphics become crappier and crappier. The designer gets frustrated.

What a fucken crap, the designer says.

Now pay attention: The ordinary story´s unordinary turning point: the creative designer registers a domain called vittumitapaskaa.fi (what a fucken crap). The first product is a calendar in November 2017, that offers ordinary shit, opposed to all the positive life quotes.

The creative designer Jenni Timoska introduces the calendar to a group of women entrepreneurs just before leaving to a movie. The Unknown Soldier lasts for 3 hours, and during it, dozens of enquiries for the calendar have come.

I have always had a bad sense of humour, Timoska says. Maybe I just can´t invent cute prints.

Paskakaupan suosion perusteella Timoskan huono huumori on suomalaiskansallinen The success of this crap store tells, that the bad sense of humour or the annoyance is a true Finnish feeling. It requires a very sharp point of view and exceptional courage from the designer to produce. To people who are fed up with cute gifts and clishés, these products offer something totally new and different.

Timoska has not advertised much. Both the production and the resellers have been built up with patience. Anyhow, the online shop is filled with orders and the noble idea of Finnish annoyance is spreading on social media like wildfire. In Facebook crap store has almost 20.000 followers, in Instagram over 10.000.

The online store was opened in the beginning of 2018. The store in Porvoo was opened in June. The customers include elderly people, the youth, government officers, basically anyone. There is no age or status limits.

One 70 -year- old gentleman came here to buy his older brother a gift, and one boss bought cups for his staff.

In August 2018 Timoska was chosen to be a winner in a competition held at Eastern Uusimaa for the most promising growing companies.

I don´t know if they saw what our store sells. However, I took the opportunity and brought some free postcards with me to the event: a little different postcards from a shithole called Porvoo.

The simple genious of the products is difficult to put into words. The sweet Hollywood slogans or fanatical positive good luck-wishes do not appear in these products. On the other hand, these ideas are based on ancient truths. Although not all products are such a success as the MONDAY CUP or thefuckendark-reflector.

According to Timoska there is a story behind each product: Sometimes tragic, sometimes comic, often both. For example just in case -condom key fob. Once a man said to his spouse when he was leaving to a summer festival; “I do not aim to be unfaithful, but just in case I´ll take these condoms with me.”

This happeded in real life. What a fucken crap a woman has to listen to sometimes!

For your information, even though the name of the store is crap store, the products are not crap. They are made in Finland, in local factory stores. For example the cups can be washed in a washing machine even 2000 times and all the faulty items are removed from production line.

Paska kauppa
Krista from Crap Store and monday cups. Fucken great handicraft!

This article contains only the tip of the crap mountain. The Deep-editorial staff guarantees that if you go and check the whole assortment in www.vittumitapaskaa.fi you will feel flutter in your stomach. That kind of fluttering appears when one confronts something special. Something that does not leave you cold.

The new Crap Store is in Porvoo at Teollisuustie 24. It is worth coming, even from far away and taking the time to see little discoveries, inspirations, slogans and stories.

Nearby Helsinki you can find crap-products from these places:

Artmuseum Artsi / Vantaa

Urban Green / Shopping centre REDI / Helsinki

Doris & Duke / Porvoo

ATTENTION: These products suit bold and visionary people, who seek for totally different souvenir or a distinguishable gift with a strong attitude. To those, who may get upset, Deep Helsinki wants to say: “As these products do not mistreat people or animals or the environment, they should not hurt anyone´s feelings either. Or if someone does get upset, it is permitted to say: What a fucken crap!

Genius – as the best things always are!

ps. It's many item in English. Please check the selection from the web-store.


Address: Teollisuustie 24, 06150 Porvoo

Author: Miia

Photos: SHL-Sonja Lahtinen

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