TOP3 spacious & accessible Fleamarkets

The Finnish flea markets do very well especially when compared internationally. Though our price level in general is high, in Helsinki you can easily find surprisingly cheap & clean design products and clothes. The cheapest discoveries are outside the center, in very big flea markets.

But what about accessibility?

Crowdy flea markets are not tempting for everyone. There are many good places I still wouldn´t recommend for the disabled, elderly people or for those with baby trolleys, because of narrow spaces and traffic jams. But Aino in Kannelmäki and Spinny in North-Haaga are both next to train and bus routes and they are accessible for people with physical disabilities, elderly people or those who travel with baby carriages.

However, my actual favourites are the pop-up flea markets which are usually open on weekends / rare occasions. These attractions are not actually hidden treasures, but even as well-known classics they are absolutely recommendable.

1. Jäähalli Flea market


This is traditional ice stadium of Helsinki. (Flea market is closed in the summertime, open during the winter weekends 8-13 apart from a few exceptions.)

Homepage (in Finnish)

Place: Nordenskiöldinkatu 11-13

Arrive early as the busiest sellers leave at noon already. The space is also suitable for disabled people. It is easy to move in the wide corridors with baby strollers or suitcase. This flea market is tempting for the sellers too: second-hand professionals and those who empty their storages once a year.

The atmosphere of the hall is very spacious and bright, it may even be, that the music and voices of the figure skaters can be heard from the ice.

2. Hietsu flea market

BEST SUMMER FLEA MARKET! (Open on Weekends 8-14 starting May )

Place: HIETALAHTI, Lönnrotinkatu 34

It is fantastic to spend a summer day near the sea at Hietalahti flea market. You can get a cool drink or icecream from the terrace and the big marketplace is full of beautiful discoveries. Many city residents reserve a table from Hietsu at least once a summer. I think that the good vibes are more important than making money to them.

Arrive early, as the busiest sellers leave already at noon. If the weather is very windy / rainy, the marketplace is empty, and it is not easy to shop in that weather. That is why both sellers and customers wish for plenty of sunny days in the summer.

TIP: Near Hietsu is an old traditional seamans pub Salve, where Baltic herring fish are a bite of the heritage of Helsinki. Writers, actors and even our late president have been spotted there.

3. Cleaningday

BEST FLEA MARKET EVENT EVER! (next cleaning day 25th of May 2019)

Homepage (in ENGLISH; WOW!)

During the cleaning day the whole city turns into a huge flea market. The most crowded places to shop are in parks like Esplanadi, Old Church park, The park of Hesperia, or Karhupuisto in Kallio. Many people also sell their treasures in inner courts. On those days there are one-of-a-kind wide selection of items for sale and a good opportunity to bargain, because the sale places are free on that day. Miia sells her treasures only on these days and has given books and toys and containers for free to those in need, or who happen to have come to see the articles. Recycling is wonderful!

TIP: In the summer (also besides Cleaningday) the best permanent Sunday flea market is in Vallila, between Aleksis Kivi street and Teollisuus street, in the park of Dallape.

Author and picture: Miia

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