TOP3 Finnish vegetarian food

In Helsinki, you can get good vegetarian food with a wide range of ethnic nuances, but also with a strong focus on Finnish ingredients and locally grown food. The best vegetarian restaurants of summer 2019 have been listed for vegetarians interested in Finnish ingredients, distinctive local restaurant concepts and the health perspective.

1. Silvoplee

Location: Toinen Linja 7, Helsinki

Silvoplee is a classic part of vegetarian food culture in Helsinki and a real forerunner in highlighting living foods and organic food. For many Helsinki residents, Silvoplee is the first vegetarian restaurant they dare to invite others to enjoy too.

Deep thinks it’s particularly amazing that the restaurant’s popularity has not had a negative impact on the quality of the food.

The vegetarian restaurant founded by Satu Silvo offers what I consider to be the most varied and tasty buffet of living food and cooked vegetarian food, and the great part is that you pay according to the weight of the food. If you want to eat only a little, you put just a bit on your plate and pay little. If you want to take lots, you will pay a lot. In addition to the restaurant, there is also a small cafe on the premises, where you can get, for example, raw cakes and pastries, wheatgrass and ginger shots, a wide range of hot drinks made with plant-based milk, stuffed breads and other tasty treats. This has been my go-to restaurant already for years! Johanna / Deep Helsinki survey 4/2019

Behind the good food, there is a strong knowledge of nutritional health and the effect of diet on a person’s well-being. If you’re interested in this topic and visit Silvoplee, we recommend checking out the book Satu Silvo & Silvoplee (in Finnish only) or Silvoplee’s website (in English)!

2. Jura

Location: Neitsytpolku 10, Helsinki

Restaurant Jura also makes it to the list: although the restaurant serves meat, the amazing flavours in its kitchen are conjured up from Finnish vegetables. And anyway, there are completely vegan options available at Jura too.

My favorite restaurant is Jura at Ullanlinna. They have delicious and ethically-produced food where veggies are used in many different ways. Kaisa / Deep Helsinki survey 5/2019

I remember feeling almost moved as I was chewing on the asparagus in that restaurant, my eyes half-closed. How perfect can simplicity sometimes be!

The unpretentious and modest attitude is also key in the restaurant’s communication: no empty promises or pointless flourishes – the food speaks for itself. Check out Jura’s website (so far in Finnish)!

3. Pupu

Location: There are several Pupu restaurants in central Helsinki. Deep tested Pupu of Töölö (Runeberginkatu 59)

Pupu is a new salad restaurant chain in Helsinki that makes gourmet salads from organic and locally grown ingredients. Some portions contain fish/crustaceans, but there are vegan options available.

The Pupu chain has spread quickly to various locations in the heart of Helsinki. Pupu relies on a strong team of chefs and a unique business idea. Salads and drinks can also be ordered online, as take-away meals to be enjoyed at summer parks or the seaside.

But the key reason why Pupu made this list is that their generously-portioned salads have genuine and luscious flavours. Pupu’s Garlis and Hotti fill up even the most demanding tummies. It’s also great that the ingredients and nutritional values of all salads are freely available on Pupu’s website (in English).


If you’re interested in locally grown Finnish food, genuine farm produce and treasures from the nearby forests, check out the idea behind the REKO food chain. It brings a piece of pristine Finnish countryside to the capital.

In Reko circles, high-quality fresh ingredients move from producers to consumers without any intermediaries. There are meeting places all over Finland and in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Look up your nearest Reko food point on Facebook (in Finnish).

Author: Miia

Picture: Nadine Primeau /

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