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At a jewellery workshop on Vallila, one man’s hands are busy making small wonders from gold and silver.

Miki Rahikainen is a jewellery designer, for whom creative work is a calling. Each piece of jewellery is born in Rahikainen’s delicate hands with great skill and love.

At one time, a customer was trying on a piece made by Rahikainen and wondered:

How can such a wonderful sense of peace emanate from simple jewellery?
My Koru, Miki Rahikainen, silver jewelry
At a jewellery workshop on Vallila, one man’s hands are busy making small wonders from gold and silver

The wooden clock on the wall of the jewellery workshop at Mäkelänkatu has truly eye-catching decorative carvings. It was made by Rahikainen’s father. The ornaments were hand-carved from a single piece of wood, without any separate gluing, with respect to the wood grain and material. A layman might not see the skillful details of the work, but Rahikainen does. His father’s skilled hands made an impression on him already at a young age.

Already as a child I heard that other people do what they can, but Dad can do what he wants, Rahikainen says.

This skill clearly runs in the family. The jewellery range designed by Rahikainen is a combination of a modern Scandinavian design language and traditional Finnish nature, sensitivity and roughness.

Rahikainen has always admired different shapes. His school notebooks were filled with all kinds of complicated patterns, but his education was cut short. Over the years, Rahikainen earned his living as a construction worker, a security guard and a caretaker.

His creative work began in 2004. He saw a small angel on a friend’s wall. Struck by inspiration, clay wings were born on the floor of his own bedroom. They are still on display at MyKoru’s business premises. Over the years, the material changed from ceramics to precious metal clay, and finally to gold and silver.

He has had a passion for design already for 15 years.

Jewellery designer available at Mäkelänkatu 58

Starting from January 2019, Rahikainen has been a full-time jeweller. Dreams of a bright work space came true in a room on the corner of Mäkelänkatu and Elimäenkatu. The jewellery designer’s workshop and the sales exhibition are located behind two large windows.

As far as traffic connections are concerned, MyKoru could not have a better location. Trams no. 7 and no. 1 stop almost right at the workshop window, and you can also park a car in the inner courtyard.

Among the busy traffic on Mäkelänkatu, you can spot a jewellery workshop and a craftsman immersed in his work.

What piece of jewellery is he working on now?

Rahikainen says that traffic does not bother his work, although he is aware that being behind glass walls is like being in a fish tank. At the workshop, he is completely absorbed by work. The shape and details of the piece of jewellery command his full attention.

My love for work and metal is so engaging, sometimes even at the risk of my own health when I forget to have lunches and coffee breaks.Rahikainen says laughingly.

A strong set of values

While the craftsmanship was inherited from his father, his Christian convictions come from his mother. According to Rahikainen, however, these items of jewellery are about common humane values, such as love and joy.

Recently, Rahikainen designed jewellery for the Ghost of the Game exhibition, in collaboration with the photographer Johanna Kare. In this exhibition, famous Finnish ice hockey players share stories about their life-changing brain injury sustained from tackling.

Other pieces of jewellery in the MyKoru range include theTree of Life pendant, as well as the delicateButterfly pendant and a SilverBirch Leaf pendant. The main materials are gold and silver.

Each item of jewellery also has beautiful symbolism. The jewellery designer has received feedback about peace (and other positive emotions) from several customers, as peace is conveyed both by the author and his works.

Each piece of jewellery is a small piece of beauty. I want people to experience the sense of joy, hope and security that I myself have experienced. This feedback is a sign to me that the strong emotional charge is also transmitted to jewellery.

Rahikainen thinks that MyKoru can eventually become a strong Finnish brand that can include other designers as well.

For every celebration of the year, for Mother’s Day, graduations, weddings, confirmations or Christmas, MyKoru is a strong and unique gift choice. Unlike with big traditional jewellery brands, MyKoru entices with its author’s personal touch and values: genuine joy of life, peace of mind, and hope. 

My koru, korudesign


is run by Miki Kalevi Rahikainen.

A jewellery designer and dedicated artisan for whom meeting and helping people through volunteering is a lifelong mission. It is also a way to devote himself to the important values of life:

Faith, Hope, Peace of mind and Beauty.

Miki has a wife, two teenage daughters and two dogs.

Do you want to know more of Mykoru?

Check out the website .

Or visit MyKoru’s sales exhibition at Mäkelänkatu 58:

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Photos: Emmi Tulokas

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