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Silvoplee is a vegetarian restaurant where loyal customers can count on both uncompromising quality and flavour. The creator of an entire philosophy of well-being, Satu Silvo, is a living example of the effects of a good healthy diet.

Silvoplee is perhaps the classiest vegetarian restaurant in Helsinki, where the daily-changing buffet and the gluten-free and dairy-free treats in the raw cafe restaurant are a combination of the best parts of raw nutrition, pure ingredients, organic and locally grown food.

New vegetarian restaurants are springing up in Helsinki like mushrooms after the rain. Still, Silvoplee’s strength is in 20 years of know-how as a forerunner of vegetarian food, and practical experience of what works and what doesn’t. The loyal customers of this restaurant can rely on both Silvoplee’s flavour and uncompromising quality.

Silvoplee’s owner is Satu Silvo, a renowned Finnish actor and a well-being advocate. According to her, Silvoplee’s key principles are pure ingredients and hand-made vegetarian food made with a holistic approach and expertise.

“I myself eat at Silvoplee almost every day. Our selection includes a healthy breakfast, lunch, ice cream, smoothies and small treats, and the food will always make me feel energetic and great.”

Satu Silvo

In a book Satu Silvo & Silvoplee there are 50 selected Silvoplee recipes and practical tips for establishing a better diet. What could be a better reason to learn Finnish!

In public, Silvo has strongly emphasised a lifestyle aiming for holistic well-being. Its focus is on food that boosts both body and mind.

Hence, Silvoplee is a unique combination of unique vegetarian food know-how, well-being ideology as well as uncompromising Finnish entrepreneurship, where quality is more important than money.

Silvoplee’s position as the trendsetter of vegetarian restaurants has come at a cost

Nowadays, vegetarian food is a growing trend, but when Silvoplee started in 1998, the situation was different.

According to an urban legend, a Finnish man, who was invited to eat a vegetarian meal in the early 2000s, refused to eat and said that people need meat to survive. “If you can show me someone who’s doing well just on vegetarian food, I’ll start munching on carrots too.” He boasted.

When someone mentioned the name Satu Silvo, the man became silent and started putting salad on his plate.

This story is about Silvoplee’s owner’s amazingly energetic public image as well as the prejudices Silvoplee has encountered over the years. Silvoplee was the pioneer in this field, paving the way for many current food trends.

SSilvoplee’s wonderful horrible beginning

In 1998, Satu Silvo was seriously injured.

“Around that time, my favourite restaurant closed its doors, and I wasn’t able to get any vegetarian food that I like.”

Her favourite restaurant was Marjatta Svennevig’s legendaryGreen Way, which brought the raw food ideology to Finland in the 1990s. Silvo took action. She established the restaurant Silvoplee, which ended up taking over Green Way’s equipment as well as the visionary chef Helga Lind.

“At first, I didn’t know anything about running a restaurant, but I signed up for a course for female entrepreneurs. I figured that other people might also be interested in food that helps to regenerate gut bacteria, strengthen the immune system and is beneficial overall.”Satu Silvo

At first, Silvoplee’s customers were mainly health-conscious women and, for example, cancer patients, for whom high-quality nutrition was a lifeline. Later, vegans and mums with small children discovered the restaurant.

Then, taxi drivers, maintenance guys, musicians, academics and international businessmen found their way to the restaurant, assembling their entire day’s meals in Silvoplee’s takeaway boxes.

“When the food is fresh, high-quality and delicious, the door won’t stay shut.” Restaurant Manager Merja Kivelä says, “All kinds of our customers, from babies to grandparents really find that healthy food can actually be versatile and tasty. And all these treats will make you feel good and give you a clean conscience.”

Silvoplee’s loyal customers praise the restaurant’s concept: the uncompromising quality of the food, ethical ingredients, a versatile raw cake cafe and the weighing idea, where customers can choose how much they want to eat and only pay for what they eat.

It’s difficult to fit Silvoplee’s ideology into one article, but if you can’t go and visit it yourself, you can read the book Satu Silvo & Silvoplee and learn to cook the selected 50 Silvoplee recipes and get practical tips for establishing a better diet. So far, book has only been published in Finnish.

AND by the way. A word of warning to our readers: When you become familiar with the story or Satu Silvo or Silvoplee, you can no longer doubt the power of vegetarian food or Finnish vision that can overcome prejudices as well as financial challenges.

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Photos: Emmi Tulokas

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