The Manneken Pis of Finland is a huge pink giant located in Jätkäsaari.

If you’ve ever been to Brussels, you may have been looking for a small yet famous bronze statue; the boy peeing in the street corner. Even if you haven’t been to Brussels, you’ve probably heard about Manneken Pis.

Unlike the celebrity of Brussels, our own peeing boy often doesn’t draw attention of the masses. In my opinion it is a small miracle, because our statue is enormously bigger than Manneken Pis.

SculptorTommi Toija’s pink Bad Bad Boy is 8,5 meters high and weighs 7,5 tons. The concrete sculpture can be found in Jätkäsaari in Tyynenmerenaukio, next to the West Harbour and Verkkokauppa-store.

The sculpture was born in Örebro, Sweden and was first introduced to the public during the public art OpenAir event in 2013. The construction of the statue required a crane – among many other extraordinary tools. Bad bad boy moved to Finland in 2014, first to to the city centre. The statue peed from the Market Square to the Baltic Sea for a couple of weeks during the Helsinki Festival before it was transferred to its current location.

The transfer must have been a relief to Bad bad boy. Despite his bad name, the poor boy´s face is permanently frozen into a surprised and embarassed look, which is emphasized by his eyes widened to the size of saucers and glowing red cheeks. In my opinion, whoever gave Bad bad boy his name, was deliberately mean. I mean, what can a poor sculpture do, if he’s naked and incontinent?

One reason why Bad bad boy isn’t as famous as his peeing colleague in Brussels is probably its location. Jätkäsaari is not in the middle of the city centre but it’s easy to reach by tram (lines 6T and 7).

Ps. If you go and check Bad bad Boy, remember also to visit the roof top terrace of the The sea view is magnificent and if you’re interested in heavy armament, you can find a MIG-21 fighter interceptor up there – Finland bought these types of fighters from the Soviet Union in the 1960´s.

Address: Hietasaarenkuja 11, 00220 Helsinki

Author: Kristiina

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