The well-known horseman Lauri Komulainen 72, from Kaivopuisto: ”This is how I share Finnish traditions with children and the youth.”

If you come to the Kaivopuisto for a wintry picnic or sledding, you often see Lauri Komulainen with his horse sleigh.

A small bell jingling on the horse back and the runners sliding on the glowing white snow are a rare luxury for both audience and the horseman himself. “These days you seldom find clean white snow cover and spacious nature close by the city centre.”

Fermaker’s water break.

During summer Fermaker offers horserides in the Helsinki city centre, close by the Railway station square, and the corner of Erottaja street. During the years the horse and the driver have never been bullied, not even on weekends during the night time.

The brisk ride may frighten more sensitive people. Dawer 32, and Haerim 32 (in the picture) from South Korea were surprised of the speed- ”The horse ran surely 60 kilometers per hour”, Dawer says. In Finland Dawer and Haerim have explored both Lapland and Helsinki. They found the sleigh ride really exotic.

Dawer and Haerim visited both Lapland and Helsinki. According to Dawer, the horse ride was an exotic experience.

Well, the maximum speed is about 20-30 kilometers per hour, corrects Komulainen.

Komulainen reins the horse with firm hands. He seems to endure the freeze better than the younger people – a telltale sign of the time spent outdoors. Once in the sleigh, you don´t get cold. Komulainen will tuck you up in a warm and cozy blanket.

Komulainen is a pensioner and a traditional Finnish countryman. He has been working with horses since he was a child. He is not much into digital technology or smartphones, even though he knows he’s ended up in many pictures and videos with his horse. He gets along well with the travelers, even though he doesn´t speak english very well.

The first trams were drawn by horses and they started operating in 1890. Nowadays, a horse is a very rare sight in the cityscape of Helsinki except for random police horses.

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