Querelle Festival was being held for the first time in April 2019. How was it and is there more Querelle to come?

The largest indoor festival in Finland took place in Train Factory at 26 – 27 th of April 2019. Deep Helsinki was there with an open heart and mind. And a camera.

So, let’ s let the images speak for themselves.

This much of Berlin Helsinki has never been.

Jussi Mankkinen / Yle News 28th of April 2019

Sharon Needles

Sharon Needles is American drag performer, recording artist and Queen Diva. She describes herself as stupid genius, reviled sweetheart, and PBR princess.

Working hard is hardly working … but opposite.

Sharon Needles on Twitter 24th of April 2019 @SHARON_NEEDLES

Beatrice Eli

Beatrice Eli is one of Sweden’s most acclaimed artist, who (according to her earlier interviews) didn’t become the nice Christian Church girl that her parents wanted her to be. Expectations of Querelle’s audience, however, were fulfilled.

Joy, love and Equality

Difference is richness. We want to work together for humanity and equality, so that diversity would not separate future generations.

Leena Hoverfält, one of the Querelle Festival organizers

Querelle´s aim was to have 8000 visitors in two days. That didn’t happen. But though The Train Factory was broad and spacious, atmosphere was just great.

Aleksi Kinnunen / Helsingin Sanomat 30th of April 2019

(Former United States Ambassador for Finland and the new owner of The Train Factory) Bruce Oreck: ”Restoration of the 120 year old building is an enormous job… Querelle is the kind of event we want to have in The Train Factory… I hope the Event will be even bigger and better over the next years.”

Antti Halonen / Iltalehti 18th of April 2019

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Text: Miia Krause

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