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Deep Helsinki team

We in Deep Helsinki have a special connection to Helsinki and to Finnishness, to history, culture and the Finnish sense of humour.

In our opinion Helsinki deserves to be properly introduced.



Adessa has lived in Helsinki most of her life and has a passion for adventures and stories.

Her favourite things in Helsinki include proximity to the sea and the many faces of the city. She enjoys going to gigs and visiting art exhibitions, as well as hanging out in the many cafes and by the sea.

There is always something new to explore in Helsinki, whilst also enjoying the tried-and-tested favourites. As a photographer, Adessa is also inspired by the beautiful architecture of the city.

She is looking forward to new adventures and encounters through Deep Helsinki.


Journalist / Videoprofessional

Toni is a hunter-gatherer. He is constantly searching for new experiences and goes after them.

Toni has been driven by the passion of the explorer ever since his childhood. He always wants to find something new and mysterious. He examines maps and plans routes. He studies history and works hard to find out the origins of the stories. He searches for Utopia. He is a world traveler.

Toni is eccentric. Toni is an experienced traveler. He doesn’t like tourist attractions or guided tours. He prefers wandering alone in a jungle, living in slum quarters or sleeping out by the highway.

Toni is an international project manager, journalist and media professional. Toni is a storyteller.

For Toni Helsinki is a rock city. For Toni Helsinki is underground. It’s a secret beneath the surface that needs to be found.

I am your guide in this trip.



After travelling throughout Finland and Europe, Miia found something exquisitely wonderful in Helsinki.

She neither bought a plastic minigondola from Venice nor an Eiffel tower fridge magnet from Paris. Miia dislikes the word ‘tourist’. Tourists often waste time and money, and they settle for less . The real travelling experts, instead, want to experience something more. Something real and genuine, that also locals appreciate.

Miia loves good stories, that are told with great affection, sincerity and expertise.

Helsinki is full of little gems – unique people, places and events. Telling stories of them is the best job one could imagine.


Content Designer

Mari is an eternal traveller who doesn’t care so much about the most wanted attractions or the super popular monuments, but enjoys aimless wandering, surprising rest stops and small local discoveries.

Mari enjoys the ever changing scenery and finds unique moments, views and moods everywhere. On the road – and in life in general – visual memories and pictorial stories are very important to this versatile content wizard.

If you ask Mari the best thing about Helsinki is it’s relaxed atmosphere with a bit rough edges – and the surprising events and phenomena which emerge from below the calm surface. And, of course, the sea views, the stunning old buildings and the ever-increasing supply of restaurants!


Journalist / Photographer

Emmi Tulokas is a journalist and a photographer. She knew she wanted to be a photographer already as a child after seeing photos of the Vietnam war taken by Tim Page.

The photos made a lasting impact on her. While still in primary school she got her first camera. Since then she has photographed everything under the sun, from bands to journalistic news pictures.

Through her work she seeks to evoke feelings and capture moments which never repeat themselves again. In addition to photography she maintains her language skills and travels a lot.

Humanity, understanding other people and freedom of expression are important themes for Emmi.

Photography for me is not a job nor a hobby, it’s a necessity, like breathing.