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A technology fair in Hong Kong: a businessman called Q approached helsinkian, and asked what is the most special thing in capital of Finland? What is THE place, that every visitor should absolutely see?

Mr Q had just told of his travels during the past year in Australia and in Southern and Western Europe. He praised the Operahouse of Sydney and the treasures of the Vatican, the atmosphere of medieval castles, where one could sense the presence of the aristocratic families. Q had gone skiing in Switzerland, Canada and Lappland. He loved the carnevals of Rio and the colourful festivities of the Day of the Dead in Mexico. On the other hand he also appreciated the pious Japanese expression and Scandinavian style.

What makes Helsinki special?

Mr Q heard a lecture from broad-minded people in Helsinki, fancy restaurants, beautiful parks and clean air. Q was also told about the every-mans-right, and the islands of the Baltic Sea, and about the honesty of Finnish people, the unique Finnish humour and the freedom of speech.

”Is there any specific building or attraction? Q asked: What takes your breath away in Helsinki?”

Answer was the very starting point for Deep Helsinki:

Helsinki is at its best beneath the surface, in little details, tales and stories, that are hidden from sweeping glances. It is impossible to summarize Helsinki into a single tourist destination or group of social media likes.


Helsinki rose to be the world’s busiest passenger port (12.3 million passangers). The passenger volume at Helsinki-Vantaa also increased by over 10 percents. Also, the number of tourists staying over night in Helsinki grew into record-breaking figures.

The Deep team agreed with the growing groups of travelers; instead of tourist junk, more profound contents, authentic experiences and true stories were needed. We interviewed people, brainstormed and made plans.


DeepHelsinki begins to produce genuine content – uncompromising facts and true stories for the growing number of travelers and other Helsinki-fans. Funny anecdotes, history, different points of views, stories about the people behind the scenes of Helsinki’s true gems. These stories do not stand out to travelers who wander in souvenir shops or visit the most popular sights, but they can be discovered in the little hidden treasures.

We want to introduce the people and stories behind the best shops, active associations, companies, product designers and enthusiastic event organizers .

What makes Helsinki special?

The answer is based on little stories.

Helsinki is on its best beneath the surface, in tiny details, in snapshots and stories, hidden from sweeping glances.

Deep Helsinki offers the traveler various perspectives and edgy stories, in which  Helsinki and Finland are discussed more informally, profoundly and personally than in the stories of major media organizations or in social media recommendations.

Profound information of Helsinki

Treasure seeking by Deep Helsinki

Get ready for adventures! Our Helsinki experts, journalists and photographers tell stories about Helsinki, the other travel guides can’t.

The target is to broaden and deepen the travelers’ knowledge of Helsinki.